Power plant

Services 1
Services 1

Power plant

Small-Sized and Industrial Boiler Houses

Piping of boiler rooms is an integral part of our work. We are conducting installations and turnkey assembling of portable and container boiler units in our own workshop. Equally, we can make piping of the stationary high-power units at the Clients facility.

Our extensive experience taught us that piping industrial boiler equipment is not as simple as it may seem since it’s usual base on the main drawing only.

However, as one would expect, our qualified experts always perform such works with immaculate precision. This allows us to mitigate any potential errors at the procurement stage. By doing so, we choose the very best methods to increase the quality control of welded joints and pipeline structures produced.

Pipeweld.ee owns a series of in-house WPQR and WPS which have been specifically designed for the work materials and welding method used in the central heating pipelines.

Services 2
Services 2

Our welding operators are certified experts in the following areas:


  • Autogenous (311) quality level B, steel
  • Electrode (111) quality level B, steel and stainless steel from 2mm thickness
  • Tig (141) quality level B, steel and stainless steel from 0,7 mm thickness
  • Mig - Mag (131-135), steel and stainless steel from 2mm thickness
Services 3
Services 3

We take on contracts (Under liability insurance, if required):

  • A turnkey contract
  • Fixed-price contract for the site or its part
  • Framework agreement with fixed prices per operation
  • Hourly-paid project
Services 4
Services 4

On client site:

  • Weld and assemble all pipelines for central heating systems
  • Construct and reconstruct pipeline and its components in all boiler rooms
  • Install heat exchangers in residential buildings and industrial sites
  • Repair work on the routes of district heating and boiler rooms
  • Construct pumping stations
  • Replace stop valves
  • Hot-tap operating central heating line
  • Install and weld every other pipeline component
Services 5
Services 5

In our own workshop we:

  • Manufacture tubular heat exchangers
  • Assemble and weld any pipeline parts according to Client drawings. If needed, we will also visit your facility to consult, plan and document all the necessary works
  • We perform third-party quality control of our products
  • We assemble, weld and paint various steel structures
  • We work with all-scale milling and turning CNC machines

We are also ready to buy used mechanisms for automation of the motor-driven or hydraulic gate/globe valves from different manufacturers.


Our offices

We mostly operate in Sweden, Norway and Denmark but we would love to get involved in a project anywhere in the world.

We also had some very exiting projects in Switzerland, Austria and Malta. There are no limits for us!



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