Ilja Arhi


Ilja Arhi


Professional Path and Achievements:

Career Start (2000):

   - Began my career in the field of energy systems construction and industrial processes.

   - First education: technical (mechanic, welder, turner), completed in 2000.

 Developments and Innovations:

   - 2011: Developed an internal system for calculating the cost of welding and installation work for industrial pipelines.

   - 2016: Implemented a system to control completed work, which increased the profitability of the company.


   - Founded my own company,, after three years of employment in 2003.

   - Today, the company employs an average of 12 specialists, and I actively participate in the installation process.

Business Expansion (2022):

   - Became a co-owner of the company Exergi Baltic OU, which specializes in the development and installation of biomass modular steam boilers with a capacity of 1 to 7 MW on wood pellets.


- Second higher education: mechanical engineer, obtained remotely at Pavlodar University in 2022.

Personal Interests and Hobbies:

- Interests: physics of the body, electricity, and engineering. I actively look for new solutions and experiment.

- Engineering and 3D modeling.

- Marketing: I have been involved in video shooting and editing, sales, and branding since 2017.

Personal Life:

- Family: married, raising two sons.

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