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Coded welding, pressure vessels and piping



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Individual approach, direct contact, and no 3rd party involvement - all this is achievable only through small business with fewer members... just like us.

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Our History in coded welding

Stinsenman OU was established in Estonia in 2004, with a specialization in coded welding and pressure vessels for the district heating industry in Estonia and Sweden. By 2007, our team of 7 employees successfully delivered a unique and complex district heating project in Sweden (see video).

In 2008, we launched our website,, which has since become synonymous with our brand.

In 2012, we expanded our operations to the markets in Norway and Denmark, and since then, our group of companies has gained years of experience in piping and coded welding for various industries such as district heating, biopower plants, HVAC, chemical, and water treatment pipelines with large and small diameters.

Our expertise also includes other technical systems related to pipelines. Trust us to deliver quality services that meet industry standards, backed by years of experience and a commitment to excellence.


Why us?

Flexibility, individual customization, and years of experience are crucial when choosing a subcontractor for piping and pressure vessel services that require coded welding. We prioritize long-term cooperation with our customers and provide transparent pricing. Our team accepts work during weekends and works 10-12 hour days if necessary, ensuring projects meet deadlines. has several insurances, including third-party liability insurance and a guarantee that applies for 36 months after completed work.

Your project requires professional coded welding services for district heating or gas pipelines, pump stations, boiler rooms, prefabrication, and more. We provide high-quality, professional services throughout Scandinavia, delivering quality results on time and on budget.

The reason why you should choose is our extensive experience in the piping and pressure vessels industry, specializing in coded welding. Since 2004, we have provided high-quality and reliable services that meet industry standards.

We are certified by for ISO 3834-2:2005 and EN 1090 and comply with regulations such as DS/EN ISO 5817, EMS ISO 14001.
We also carry the CE mark, ensuring that our work meets safety and quality requirements.


Coded Welding: Our Area of Expertise

We specialize in coded welding as a piping contractor for the construction of various pipelines, including heat, gas, complete modular boilers 1-10MW, and other technical systems with large and small diameters. We work in the following industries:

We operate in the following industries:

We offer high-quality and fast results, an individual approach to your project, and flexibility.


Certificate for Coded Welding and More certificates and scopes of duties

Certificates for our personnel:

  • Coded Welding 111, 141, 311
  • ID06
  • Firefighting cards of Scandinavian countries = Hot Works
  • Work safety
  • Wheel loader
  • Sky lift
  • HMS card, Norway

Technological tie-in with an elbow into the fixed pipe strings of the pipeline (dead legs)

Technological tie-in with an elbow into the fixed pipe strings of the pipeline (dead legs)

Technology Benefits

Accurate fit with minimal pipe stress
High installation speed
Risks to miss = 0

Preparation to tie-in a bend into a technological piping spool

You need to cut out two sights from flat plywood...

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Our team


Our Presence

While mostly operating in Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, and Denmark), we also completed projects in Switzerland, Austria, and Malta...

And we are so ready to take on any project anywhere around the world too!



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