Industrial piping and installation for power plants

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Industrial piping for energy plant

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Industrial piping for power plants

We handle both small-scale pipe installations and those for industrial boilers and facilities. We are very aware of the importance of handling welding and piping installations for power plants in the right way. When it comes to these types of industrial pipes, there is simply no room for compromise.

With many years of experience, we ensure that the power plant gets the pipes it needs. Proper handling of boiler room pipelines is an integral part of our business. We can perform installations and offer complete solutions for both boiler units and other heating solutions. In our workshop, we can also customize components and manufacture pipelines that give new life to old solutions. Handling industrial pipes and pipelines is not necessarily easy.

As a fully Swedish company with twenty years of experience, Stinsenman Sverige AB can ensure the focus and commitment regarding power plants and industrial pipes. We have the collective knowledge required to ensure that every job is done right.

With industry-leading expertise in welding and piping technology, we become a long-term partner who helps you from start to finish

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Services 2

Partnering with Exergi System, we now offer complete modular solutions for sustainable bio power production

Exergi's modular boilers are the perfect fit for any production line, providing reliable steam production for local and eco-friendly energy. With power capacities ranging from 1-10MW, we can accommodate a variety of energy needs.

Our fast delivery and rental options make it easy to get your system up and running quickly, without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Not only is bio power a sustainable choice, but it's also cost-effective, saving you money compared to traditional fossil fuel alternatives.

Want to learn more? Read on for additional information on how our partnership with Exergi can help you achieve a greener, more efficient future.

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Services 3

Our industrial pipe welders are certified experts in the following areas:

Our welding team has extensive experience in piping technology and is ready to use their knowledge and expertise to ensure that your power plant gets functional industrial pipes for continued reliable power transmission and transport, always with efficiency and quality at the forefront.

Welding for power plants is in many ways a typical example of the kind of task that simply must be carried out by well-educated and experienced individuals. Therefore, we only employ qualified and skilled welders.

Knowledgeable and experienced in a wide variety of welding methods and materials, including Gas Welding (311), Stick Welding (111), carbon steel and stainless steel materials from 2 millimeters thickness, TIG welding (141) carbon steel and stainless steel materials from 0.7 millimeters thickness, and MIG/MAG welding (131-135) carbon steel and stainless steel materials from 2 millimeters thickness. Always with quality level B.

As a well-integrated team, we share individual competencies to create a workforce whose overall capabilities exceed those of the individual. In this way, we can pass on all our knowledge to you as the end customer.

Qualified piping technology and competent personnel for welding work.

We are aware of the importance of having the right person in the right place. Therefore, we ensure that all our pipe technicians can provide industrial service and ensure good welding work.

All welders and welding engineers are fully certified in accordance with current norms. All work is carried out in accordance with current welding procedure (WPQR and EN ISO 15614-1) and pressure vessel directive (PED).

All work at the power plant is carried out based on both individual needs and general requirements and directives.

Company certified in accordance with standards Iso 3834-2:2005

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Services 4

Industrial Pipe Services: Comprehensive Solutions for Your Power Plant Projects

For us, it's crucial that we meet your expectations. Therefore, we offer a wide range of services that can also be customized based on your specific needs.

We assist you on-site. Quick availability based on your current schedule. Pipe laying and pipe installations with high-quality industrial pipes that provide long-lasting benefits.

Our welding engineers offer consultation to help you along the way. With risk analysis and cost-benefit calculations, you already know what to expect beforehand. On-site evaluation to ensure the conditions for the work. We check existing pipes and provide advice and suggestions on what needs to be corrected and addressed.

We handle a large number of different materials, all the way from production to installation. We believe in openness and transparency.

Our customers' satisfaction is what sets us apart from the rest.

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Services 5

On-site evaluation

Our engineers and welders have the expertise required for both functional welding and a design-wise positive outcome. We carefully evaluate the work both before and after it's completed.

Our welders continuously evaluate the progress of the work. A must for a high-quality result. We perform tests that measure pressure and load on the pipes. This is done according to applicable standard procedures.

If you need in-depth X-ray examinations, we can perform these analyses in cooperation with our partners. We can customize fittings, pipes, and pipelines and also repair and supplement existing pipelines.

We minimize the risk of errors and create the right conditions for a long-term positive outcome.

Services 6
Services 6

Insured and with guarantee responsibility

We take our customers' expectations of safety and security seriously. We have appropriate insurance policies that cover the problems that may arise. This ensures that if something unexpected were to happen, it will be handled quickly and efficiently.

Ensuring appropriate warranties is also a given part of how we work.

We have liability insurance that allows you to hire us with the knowledge that the risk lies on our side. Our business is professionally affiliated, and we carefully follow applicable requirements and expectations regarding quality, environment, and workplace norms. Simply put, a reliable piping contractor. We offer a 2-year guarantee that can be extended up to 5 years. If you have very specific requests, you can always contact us. We will do everything we can to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Services 7
Services 7

Industrial pipe spools prefabrication

We collaborate with several factories for a high level of customization. This means that you can get pipes and components that are fully tailored to your needs. A smooth way to maintain older facilities.

Our own factories in Estonia for high-quality pre-manufactured pipes. We can customize pipes based on your needs and specifications. Always with a focus on quality and reliability. We collaborate with workshops in Sweden. This way, we can ensure fast production of quality pipes that meet all expectations. We have a special partnership with our Swedish partner, Neonom AB. They have many years of experience in providing various customized services.

Mechanical maintenance and operation of industrial and power plants Repair and maintenance of several industrial construction machines Can offer their services both on-site and in their own workshop Forging and welding work based on individual needs This way, we can ensure that your power plant receives the care it needs for a long-term beneficial outcome.


Our offices

We mostly operate in Sweden, Norway and Denmark but we would love to get involved in a project anywhere in the world.

We also had some very exiting projects in Switzerland, Austria and Malta. There are no limits for us!



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