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Pipe spools and modular piping system prefabrications

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Services 1

Pipe spools prefabrication and modular piping

Prefabrication of pipe spools is a guaranteed way to ensure fast delivery and purposeful pipe details. We have successfully worked with numerous companies in many different industries. With extensive experience, we can deliver pipe systems and components of the highest possible quality.

Our customers have high demands, and we cannot compromise. By constantly delivering quality, we are a pipe contractor who can customize pipe details based on project-specific requirements and wishes. This has made us a sought-after pipe company with many repeat partners.

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Services 2

Therefore, prefabrication of pipe spools is a good choice

There are several practical, time-saving, and economical advantages to choosing prefabrication for your pipe systems and components. By doing the majority of the work in advance, we can ensure that every moment on-site is as efficient as possible.

Some benefits of prefabrication include:

  • Higher efficiency on-site. By incorporating prefabrication into your project, we can ensure that all on-site time is spent on assembly instead of welding and adjustments
  • Better quality pipe welding. With prefabrication, all welding is done in controlled conditions, minimizing the risk of unexpected results and resulting in higher quality welds and components
  • Timely and fast delivery. With proper planning, prefabrication can be completed in time for on-site installation, resulting in better planning and faster results
  • Lower costs. By optimizing the process, we can pass savings on to you, resulting in significantly lower costs in many cases

We have the knowledge and experience required to ensure high-quality prefabrication for your pipe systems and components. With years of experience in pipe contracting, we guarantee that every project is completed to the highest standards.

Services 3
Services 3

Pipe contractor with a sense for prefabricated pipes

We look forward to the growing demand for pipe spools prefabrication. By focusing on meticulous preparation and high-quality execution, we can ensure that you benefit as much as possible from prefabrication.

  • With coded welders and welding engineers, all work is carried out in accordance with applicable standards. This means that there is also documentation that makes it easy to ensure that everything has been done as it should
  • By ensuring careful planning, we maximize the benefits that prefabrication can provide. For you, this means getting a high-quality result that costs less than otherwise

With a sense of quality, we constantly strive to exceed our customers' expectations

Services 4
Services 4

Certified prefabrication of pipes

With a focus on quality, we ensure that work is carried out as quickly as possible without compromising safety or quality. We have become a trusted partner by valuing our customers' needs.

  • We perform welding and pipe spooling in advance to optimize on-site work as much as possible
  • All of our employees are experienced and knowledgeable, with a focus on careful planning and high-quality execution
  • We plan in consultation with you to ensure that you get exactly the pipe systems and components you need
  • With high adaptability, we work according to your requirements and expectations

Our customers are our most valuable resource, and we never compromise on the result

Services 5
Services 5

Better results for pipe spools with 3D scanning

By working with optical 3D scanning, we create precise templates for what needs to be manufactured. Our engineers work with AutoCAD and Building Information Modeling (BIM) for the highest possible level of detail and accuracy

  • We are on-site within 3 days after you contact us
  • In consultation with you, we evaluate and make laser measurements
  • Based on data collected on-site, we prefabricate pipe spools and test the pipes and details you need
  • In the final phase of the project, we install and ensure that everything is done according to your expectations

Using 3D laser scanning is a guarantee that the measurements are of the highest possible level. It is a necessity for high-quality prefabrication

Services 6
Services 6

Wide network for high efficiency

We have a large number of partners to ensure fast pipe spools production and timely deliveries. As our Swedish representative, Stinsenman Sverige AB ensures that you always have contact with people who understand the peculiarities of the Swedish market.

Prefabrication is done in collaboration with our Swedish and Estonian partner factories. They have the right experience and expertise to handle even the most demanding projects.

Whether it is prefabrication of pipes or on-site work, we constantly strive to exceed expectations. This allows us to deliver exactly the kind of services and components that are in demand. When you choose to collaborate with us, you get a long-term partner who always ensures quality. Contact us for prefabrication of modular pipe spools systems and components.

We are a pipe contractor who always delivers good results at favorable prices.


Our offices

We mostly operate in Sweden, Norway and Denmark but we would love to get involved in a project anywhere in the world.

We also had some very exiting projects in Switzerland, Austria and Malta. There are no limits for us!



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